Last Days in Israel 2013

We are quickly coming to an end of our latest “shift” in Israel serving in the prayer room. The last two weeks have been especially sweet with Julee’s brother Steve and his wife Janice staying with us. It has been such joy to share life and experiences with them in Jerusalem and other parts of the country.


Steve pointing out to others the hills of Lebanon and Syria.  We were very close to the borders here at Tel Dan, the site of the remains of the ancient city of Dan from over 3000 years ago.




Inside the tombs of the prophets on the Mount of Olives with our guide.



The Meditteranean Sea near the Lebanon border


With one of our adopted Israeli family members Shay and Smadi.  We will say goodbye tomorrow night at Shabbat dinner to our other precious friends that have adopted us, Avi and his family.

What a privilege and what an education we have had serving and growing and living life to the fullest as we come to a close  to this chapter of our pilgrimage. Thank you, God…


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