Along the Way, once again…

Julee and I left Seattle on April 10 to join staff members of a hostel on the Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago).  We will be volunteers at the 26 bed hostel for three weeks beginning April 15.  The hostel is a ministry of The Netherlands based Oasis Ministries, and while there we will pull our weight by participating in cleaning and cooking as well as interacting with the pilgrims that move through each day on their way to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain.  The hostel is located in the northeast corner of Spain in a very small village called Villamayor, fairly close to Pamplona (convenient for Julee to run with the bulls while I take pictures of her from some balcony safely above the action.

But more on that in a later blog… in the meantime, we had a stop over in New York City to spend time with our daughter Carly and her boyfriend Eric Manuszak, and had an excellent time.  Carly and Eric took us to their favorite Vegan restaurant (I had Spaghetti and wheatballs?) then the next day we walked all over Manhattan experiencing the Big Apple.  Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality Carly and Eric, and for letting us cheat and beat you at the Sequence game.

Thanks for visiting this blog, and thanks for your prayers for us!

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13 Responses to Along the Way, once again…

  1. Kris Nicklaus says:

    Love ya Brother, be careful and have fun!

  2. Bev Loop says:

    I’m looking forward to following you on your new adventure. Love you Bebv

  3. Bev Loop says:

    Well I’m off to a good start with my spelling 🙂 Bev !!!

  4. Karen Powell says:

    Have a great time you two. I will be patiently waiting for the running of the bulls segment of your trip!

  5. Joel says:


    • artnicklaus says:

      The food was great, actually. You will have to visit and try it out when you visit them!

      • Joel says:

        NYC has great restaurants! I’m definitely gonna make another trip up there soon, can’t wait to see Carly! Jared too if he’s still at UMASS, I have a friend that lives close to his college.

  6. Jennifer Kilts says:

    Thanks, you two amazing people for spending 4 hours with Jake 1 day before you left!!! I am excited to watch your trip!!! I love the picture! Can’t tell your tourist with the I love NY sweatshirt… hahahaha “) love you miss you

  7. Kurt Hand says:

    I am already jealous! Will be praying for you and following your blog.

  8. Bev Loop says:

    Fascinating, as always. Beautiful pictures, and what grand memories you will have.

  9. Dan Devera says:

    You two are wonderfull people doing God’s work. I’ll be looking forward to all your future entries.

  10. Rik says:

    Glad to see you both today at church. What are you reading?

  11. Bev Loop says:

    As always, enjoy watching your journey

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