Spain to Jerusalem, Israel

We have now been in Jerusalem for a day and a half, we are getting settled in and catching up on some rest from a long day of travel (we flew through Brussels, Belgium with a 4 1/2 hour layover to get here, cheaper than a direct flight).  We are both feeling amazed that we are here, and living where we are living near the Old City, and serving under the people we are serving with here.   We are continually humbled and grateful for the opportunities afforded us, first in Spain working with the amazing Hollanders, and now in Israel.

We will have more on what we are doing here in Israel in the days ahead, but for now we take a look back at our time in Spain, and a blog to let you know that we arrived safely, Julee is 100% healthy again, and we miss our family and friends back in the USA…

our farewell party, with three newly arrived volunteers to replace us.  Josie made an amazing dutch apple pie (center) for the party!

almost too beautiful to cut into…but not quite.

Niels and Josie and us during our mid-morning coffee and cookies (our reward for cleaning up after the pilgrims!)

Bert, undoubtedly romancing the lovely Betty, during our trip to the Irache winery and nearby monastery.

My volunteer buddy Martin…thanks for all the laughs, Marty!  All the Spanish girls are still mourning your departure…

Julee, with the original pilgrim Saint James, in Puente le Reina.  Goodbye to Spain, and an emotional goodbye to our friends from Holland, who didn’t hesitate to welcome us, embrace us, and love us.  We will miss you.

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3 Responses to Spain to Jerusalem, Israel

  1. Bill Denson says:

    I love the pics and updates. We all miss you also Art. You are living & working the dream, Brother

    God Blees You and Julee


  2. Niels says:

    Hi Art and Julee, greetings from Villamayor! The pictures are awesome; we put a link to it in our newsletter, so our friends in Holland can enjoy those pictures. Thanks for the email, we keep in touch!

    Niels en José

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Julee & Art,
    It hard to believe that you are really there. How awesome!
    Just how long will you be there?

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