Holiday in Shehkanya

We returned last night from a few days with our friends the Gerassy family in the north of Israel.  You may recall that we met Shay last December when she was waitressing in a restaurant we went to. We subsequently met Shay’s mother Smadi, who invited us to come visit and meet the rest of the family. Cameron and Ruthie were with us as we enjoyed their wonderful hospitality at that time.

It was wonderful to see them all again this past weekend, we love the Gerassy’s!  We did fun things, ate great food, and had some enriching conversation (as they thankfully all speak English very well).  We got to meet and hang out with their neighbors as well and truly enjoyed getting to know Tomas and his family.  The extended family was there for Shabbat dinner on Friday night, a wonderful celebration with at least 20 of us attending.

Shay and Julee cooling off in the cool waters of Ein Tina spring.

The view from our hike below the Golan Heights.  The tree line in the middle distance is the Jordan River.

Picking cherries at a U-Pick farm in the Golan Heights

Julee, Smadi and Shay…the three amigos.

Shay’s brother Ram, Smadi, Shay, Tomas and son, Julee, and Papa Itzik in one of his San Diego Padre shirts.  Itzik’s brother has started a restaurant chain in San Diego serving fast and inexpensive, but healthy, Italian food. Itzik manages the village they are in, and he loves sports and music.  I woke up at 5:30 one morning to find him sitting in his living room watching game 5 of the NBA finals live. Of course I had to join him!

Gathering for Shabbat dinner…

Mother and daughter.  We love you Shay!  We love you Smadi!

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5 Responses to Holiday in Shehkanya

  1. Joel says:

    The photography looks great in these pictures! Must be one of those hollywood cameras.

  2. Ernie Nicklaus Great pictures, and glad to know you are safely in Israel. Hugs to both of you from both of us. says:

    Looks like a great family, and a great time. Wish we were there. : } Love, Mom

  3. Herb Loop says:

    Keep writing you guys. At least we know you are safe when you post oictures and write.

    Love Herb

  4. Kurt says:

    You and Julee look very happy. Stay safe!

  5. Rene says:


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