Our team

Greetings from the COD, this is a quick post to say that we are well, thriving, learning so much, meeting some great and interesting people along the way of this pilgrimage that continues from one day to the next.  This is a photo taken recently of our team members plus some friends.  The redhead Marian (next to me in glasses) was leaving the next day to return to Australia, so we were out to dinner to send her off properly.  John and Una are our leaders who have been here for many years.  Blonde Bryony on the far left is the newest member.  Bryony is from England and moved in to the house Julee and I live in about a week ago. She fits in perfectly, we are glad she is here.  The small house is now empty with Marian gone, so there is a place for you now!!!

Below is from a team outing a couple of weeks ago in the Judean countryside…

And this last pic is Una teaching in the “Upper Room” in the old city of Jerusalem, supposedly the site of the Last Supper…

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  1. Curt Stracke says:

    Good to hear from you the other morning. Can’t wait for you guys to get home. Let me know times your flight will be arriving. Who knows if we can be there. It has been so good spending time with your folks. Julee I got see your folks at Bob Cleveland service. Be safe , thinking of you guys often. Curt and Jacki

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