Julee’s 3 day birthday celebration

It was the lovely Julee’s birthday yesterday, and we celebrated several times with multiple parties and people.  Here are the pictures of the birthday girl and her friends:

Shay and Smadi did a great job of helping us kick off the birthday celebration, bless their hearts.

Happy Happy birthday after the Thursday temple mount walk…

these little friends loved the birthday cake, not so much the picture taking.

That is Jacob on the left, of the world famous Jacob’s Pizza, rated #2 in Tripadvisor for all Jerusalem restauraunts!  Bryony and Una, fellow COD team members, can hardly wait to dig into the Black Forest Cake that Jacob especially arranged for Julee’s birthday.

Zoom in on the beautiful necklace somebody’s husband got her for her birthday, custom made by Hasheem, our jeweler friend in the Old City.   We have no pictures from it, but we finished off our celebrations by seeing the Israel Museum today with Shay as our tour guide. It was absolutely fantastic, and a “don’t miss” when you come to Jerusalem.  Thanks, Shay for your love and patience with us today…

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5 Responses to Julee’s 3 day birthday celebration

  1. Ernie Nicklaus Great pictures, and glad to know you are safely in Israel. Hugs to both of you from both of us. says:

    Looks like a great birthday for a great lady, Julee, you look beautiful, I love you, and also think the new necklace is gorgeous. xxoo

  2. Bev Loop says:

    lovely lady, beautiful scenery. Happy Birthday Love Bev

  3. Stephanie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULEE!! Life is treating you very well!! Oh, and so is your husband..:-)

    Love your friends Joe and Stephanie

  4. Joel says:

    Hey Art and Julee,

    Happy Birthday to you Julee, that last picture of you standing next to the purple sky is gorgeous! You’ve got a good eye for pictures too Art!

    Love you both,

  5. Joël van Biert says:

    Hi Art and Julee!

    Now another Joël is speaking (the one from Holland) since I saw someone else with my name too haha. Just met Dennis recently again and remembered you guys. You were such an encouragement to me. Thanks for that :). Great picture Julee with Dennis. You know what they say:
    ‘Stay in touch with the Dutch’

    Bless you wonderful people, you’re in my prayers,

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