A few hours left in Jerusalem

We are pretty much packed, the house is clean, and the taxi to the airport this evening is arranged.  Our last morning in the prayer room this morning was sweet…

Shay took us to see the History of Jerusalem show in the Old City last night, what a great way to spend our last night here.  It was pretty spectacular, and sitting outside on a beautiful evening with Shay and Julee was a perfect ending to our last 4 months away from home.

Here are a few more photos before we go…

Julee with team member Mary and Shay who was able to join us for the “last supper”…

My new buddy Azus.  His full first name is actually Almutaz.  He is going to be a first time father any day now… he faces many challenges and difficulties as a Palestinian trying to make a living in Israel.

La Chaim, Avi!  Friday night was Shabbat dinner with Avi and his family one last time.  The last time on this trip I should say.

What a treat to spend a morning with Dan O’Neill while we were here.  Dan, you are awesome, a true hero of the faith.

Farewell for now, Jerusalem…

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1 Response to A few hours left in Jerusalem

  1. Kurt says:

    Art & Julee: Welcome home!

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