Old Jerusalem

10 days in, we are finally getting adjusted to the 9 hour time zone difference, the food, the culture here, etc.  It has been so fun seeing friends here in Israel again after being gone for 7 weeks.  This coming week will see our reunion with Shay and her family; more on that in a later blog.

I came across some old photos that were fascinating to me, and maybe will be to you as well:

Great uncle Amir is standing here where the City of David visitor center is now located, just up the hill from our place.  The upper right part of the photo is in the vicinity of the Mount of Olives.

Praying at the Western (Wailing) wall, before men and women were segregated, evidently.

I wish I could have done some exploring here 100 years ago; so much has changed.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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1 Response to Old Jerusalem

  1. Kurt says:

    Even though only a hundred years ago the photos help to get the feel of what it must have been like during Jesus’ time. Glad youre getting acclimated.

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