Israel goodbyes, Christmas 2011

We return home in a few days, here are some photos from the past week of saying goodbyes to friends, colleagues, and the land.  Click on the Youtube link to see a slideshow with music…

More or less in order are a day exploring below the south wall of the Temple Mount, then our weekend up at the Gerassy Family’s house up north in the Galilee, including our day trip to Zefat and a micro-brewery tasting room (!), then our day out with John and Una yesterday including a visit to a large limestone cave in the Judean hills.

Love to you family and friends!  We hope to see you soon…

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3 Responses to Israel goodbyes, Christmas 2011

  1. Melody Cahill says:

    Wow… just beautiful. Great song to back up the images too! Love you guys!

  2. Wendy says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you Art and Julee.

  3. What an wonderful adventure God has you both on! The prayers of the righteous accomplish much. We won’t always get to see the fruitfulness of our prayers, but God will use them to touch so many lives in Israel, Spain and all the others places and people in your prayers. Walking humbly with our Lord opens many doors and we see the evidence of this in the many friendships you’ve built. Great insight on your blog with good history lessons. Didn’t know the Jewish historian was from the cult that had committed suicide. Lots of Love and prayers going your way!
    Your family in Christ,
    from the little green bus.

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