Night Music in the Old City

The C.O.D. team enjoyed a night out together in the Old City of Jerusalem last night, to participate in a music walk through the alleyways and courtyards where a number of stages had been set up.


First stop in the Christian Quarter where a Christian gospel music group was performing.


A little further on we came across this very expressive cello player.


Moving on to the Jewish Quarter, we bought fresh roasted and candied nuts and munched on them while listening to some traditional Jewish music.


Just outside the Jaffa gate, a drum line had formed and our Korean roommate Sam was invited to join in as Julee and others looked on.


Even the children had an opportunity to join in the fun.


Archaeological sites in the Old City presented some spectacular venues for all of the music groups.


If you grew tired of one type of music, all you needed to do was to wander a little further to discover another musician and another instrument.


A fun and romantic evening was had by all!



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6 Responses to Night Music in the Old City

  1. Nancy c. Ellis says:

    Pardon the pun here, but it looks like it was “right up your alley”. Such an exciting time for you two. Stay well. Nancy Ellis

  2. Bert says:

    Wow,the fhoto’s look nice! just a little while and we can hug you guys in real..haaaa.looking forward to it. be blessed in Israel.Greetings Bert and Betty…Adios

  3. Alla Kuehn says:

    Thank you for giving me a chance to feel the amazing atmosphere of the old ancient ways, I drank it in. Thank You!


  4. Kurt Hand says:

    Looks like a great night! I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

  5. marion sully says:

    you both look cold. I see you are in your warm woolies. Good to see your lovely faces out there among the natives. Enjoy, Marion

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