Leaving Israel


Just before leaving Israel 2 weeks ago, you probably know that I left my IPad on a bus and lost it!  So no blogs recently.  But I have been able to borrow a computer here at the hostel in Villamayor de Monjardin in Spain where we are volunteering, and so, back in action… Here are some photos from our last week or so in Jerusalem. Above is our team at the C.O.D. plus Pastor Garrett from our home church in Tacoma who visited and spent a week with us.


We spent a wonderful weekend with our friends Smadi and Itzik who live in the north,.  We made a day trip to visit their son Ram and went out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant that specialized in fish dishes, at a nearby kibbutz.


Julee and Ram.  Ram was dressed up along with friends as a circus performer this day for a special celebration in the park for young children.


I climbed up in the tail to take this shot as we were landing in Madrid.  Its a little blurry as the wind was blowing in my face extremely hard.


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2 Responses to Leaving Israel

  1. Bev Loop says:

    What a group of beautiful people in the top photo. True joy in all their faces. Good to see you briefly back on line. Hugs

  2. Kris Nicklaus says:

    I don’t think you took that picture of the tail of the plane… I’m sure you made Julee do it.

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