Back in the USA

We arrived home Friday night June 1, more than ready to re-connect with family and friends whom we have greatly missed the past 3 1/2 months!  Our friend Gary Feltus has so willingly been our airport chauffeur both coming and going for the past year, thanks Gary!

We had such a great time the month we were in Spain serving at the hostel, so enjoying the friendships there with the people we served with as well as pilgrims that came passing through each day from the world over.

Here are some final photos from our last week or so…

In the kitchen preparing food “made with love” as one of the pilgrims put it.

Sarah adding spice to the main dish of chicken and vegetables to be served over rice.

Our leaders and great friends, Bert and Betty from Holland.

We had a day off now and then and usually took advantage of walking for hours through the beautiful countryside, visiting the picturesque villages along the way.

Our village of Villamayor de Monjardin in the distance, with the winery in the foreground and the castle at the top of the mountain.  An alternative route on the Camino de Santiago takes this way through the forest and across the fields.

Nearly every tiny village has a large church.  This one in Los Arcos, population maybe 500, was particularly ornate, with beautiful murals, statuary, and the coolest pipe organ I have ever seen (to the right of the photo).

This last photo was taken a few days ago in Madrid, where we spent a full day getting Julee’s stolen passport replaced!

Signing out until the next leg of our “camino” of life,

Love from Art and Julee

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5 Responses to Back in the USA

  1. Ernie Nicklaus Great pictures, and glad to know you are safely in Israel. Hugs to both of you from both of us. says:

    Looks great, and countryside is so beautiful. Love the church.

  2. Bev Loop says:

    Another great journey for you and thanks for taking me along for the ride. Hugs Bev

  3. Dena Swisher says:

    Welcome home you two!!!!!!! Hello from the Swisher’s

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