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Wonderland in Winter

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After years of drought, Israel is in it’s second year of wet and cold weather.  When we first visited the Sea of Galilee two years ago, docks and beaches were high and dry with the lake edge many meters out … Continue reading

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Christmas in Israel

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Christmas blessings from our family to yours, and truly Peace on Earth, good will to all men. Something I have learned while being here in Israel:  Those who purport to know claim that Jesus wasn’t actually born at Christmas time. … Continue reading

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Return to Jerusalem

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It has been over six months since my last post… so let me quickly bring you up to date on our ongoing pilgrimage of life: We arrived in Tacoma June 1 and settled back into our little apartment in Tacoma. … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

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We arrived home Friday night June 1, more than ready to re-connect with family and friends whom we have greatly missed the past 3 1/2 months!  Our friend Gary Feltus has so willingly been our airport chauffeur both coming and … Continue reading

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Easter at the Garden Tomb

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4 am Easter morning: I have been looking at the clock every ten minutes or so for the last hour, I may as well just drag myself out of bed now so I can have time to shower and make … Continue reading

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Tombs of the Kings

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In previous posts, we have mentioned how we can step out of our door and into 3000 year old history here in Jerusalem. One of my favorite retreats is the Tombs of the Kings here in the City of David. … Continue reading

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Night Music in the Old City

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The C.O.D. team enjoyed a night out together in the Old City of Jerusalem last night, to participate in a music walk through the alleyways and courtyards where a number of stages had been set up.   First stop in … Continue reading

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Esther and Purim, one more time

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As we wind down the days of Purim here in Jerusalem, the meaning of Purim sinks in and takes on added significance.  I wanted to share a couple of addendum’s to my last blog of a few days ago… 1) … Continue reading

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Back in “The Land”

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Julee and I arrived in Israel last Wednesday after some relatively easy travel from the U.S. We are figuring this travel thing out! Seattle to LA, LA to Paris on Air France, Paris to Madrid and a good nights sleep … Continue reading

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Israel goodbyes, Christmas 2011

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We return home in a few days, here are some photos from the past week of saying goodbyes to friends, colleagues, and the land.  Click on the Youtube link to see a slideshow with music… More or less in … Continue reading

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