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Road Trip

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We hit the road yesterday with some 20 friends to travel the “spine” of Israel, the mountain range running north and south through the middle of the country.  This is early Old Testament bible country, the places Abraham and his … Continue reading

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Our team

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Greetings from the COD, this is a quick post to say that we are well, thriving, learning so much, meeting some great and interesting people along the way of this pilgrimage that continues from one day to the next.  This … Continue reading

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A Prayer for You at the Wall

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Praying at the Western Wall The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is as close as the Jews can get to the site of David’s and Solomon’s temple to the Lord. Built nearly 3000 years ago, it was the place … Continue reading

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Holiday in Shehkanya

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We returned last night from a few days with our friends the Gerassy family in the north of Israel.  You may recall that we met Shay last December when she was waitressing in a restaurant we went to. We subsequently … Continue reading

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The Olive Tree

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This Olive tree caught my attention recently.  Olive trees are everywhere around here, but this particular olive tree is on the temple mount, on the east side and hugging the wall, as close as it can possibly get to the … Continue reading

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these days…

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Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Julee and I are nearly three weeks now in Jerusalem, and settling in to patterns, habits, likes and dislikes. Actually very little to dislike: the calls to prayer (not because they are loud and … Continue reading

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Alive and well in the COD

Thanks to those of you who have been thinking of and praying for us during this past week!  Maybe you have read of the increased tensions in Israel connected with the anniversary of Israel’s formation as a country in 1948? … Continue reading

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Spain to Jerusalem, Israel

We have now been in Jerusalem for a day and a half, we are getting settled in and catching up on some rest from a long day of travel (we flew through Brussels, Belgium with a 4 1/2 hour layover … Continue reading

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Puente la Reina

Bert and Betty wanted to take us out for a few hours, to go replenish the wine supply, and to see a little of historic Puente la Reina, a very old Spanish town where two rivers come together, flowing under … Continue reading

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The Castle: Part Two

Yesterday was Labor Day in Spain, I think.  They called it “Work Day”, but nobody worked, so… In this village, everyone goes up to the Castle for “Work Day”, attends a church service, then hangs out together outside the old … Continue reading

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